JoAnne Hart

Online Voice Teacher & Founder of Lyric Fitness

I help musical theatre singers develop healthy singing habits so they can perform 8 shows a week without hurting themselves.

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The Lyric Fitness Philosophy

“Vocal health is about more than just your voice training. If your mental and physical health are not in check as well, your voice will not perform the way you want. Your entire body is your instrument and it deserves to be treated that way.”

Love, JoAnne

A Little About Me

I am a classically trained soprano turned belter, and I am living proof that you can learn to sing in new ways. I’ve been teaching voice for 5 years, and have worked with singers at all levels: from beginners to professionals. I am committed to helping my students develop sustainable singing habits.

I believe singing is a learned skill, and I have seen this in action. Just like you can learn to play a sport, you can learn how to be a vocal athlete. My teaching style is holistic and science-based. I have a master’s in vocal pedagogy, and have learned from some of the top voice professionals about how the voice works. I teach the whole singer, not just the singing voice. Physical and mental health directly affect your vocal health, and I ALWAYS take those factors into consideration when I’m teaching. My goal for you is to have a balanced, healthy voice that allows you to fully express yourself in any style. I primarily work with musical theatre singers, but I also have students who sing pop, jazz, country, and classical.

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Vocal Health Expert

Masters Degree in Vocal Pedagogy from Belmont University

Highly Trained and Qualified

13 years of voice training; 5 years of teaching experience

Fitness Integration and Support

Former ACSM certified personal trainer & FOCA certified fitness coach

Vocal Injury Rehabbing

Experience working with students post-vocal injury and success rehabbing their voices

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What My Students Are Saying

JoAnne is a truly amazing voice teacher; she is honest and intentional, and gentle while being firm. She is incredibly gifted at locating a vocalist's blocks and does an amazing job taking the entire body and mind into consideration when gauging the voice's health and potential. She heard the good in my voice that I never could and guided me with extensive wisdom through the 12 weeks that I worked with her. My voice is more open and free, my knowledge for how to use it much deeper, and my confidence in my ability to sing far and away from what little bit I had before. I appreciate her dual focus on both classical and musical theater styles and feel I can always trust her to give me rep that will be perfect challenges for where I am in my learning process.

- Morgan Davis

I started vocal lessons with JoAnne after I overworked my voice to the point of exhaustion. She helped me build back my foundation and introduced me to new techniques that help prevent vocal fatigue from ever happening again. Not only was she a great vocal coach she constantly supported me during those emotional times when I felt like I couldn’t get my skills back to where they once were. I’m so happy to say that with the help of JoAnne’s coaching that I have regained my vocal ability back and I grew stronger as a singer in the process!

- Megan Swindler

When I worked with JoAnne Hart, the session we had together really helped me pinpoint where I needed to improve in my vocals. She was kind and encouraging, and I felt comfortable throughout the whole lesson. It was an enjoyable learning experience that gave me more useful techniques than I expected to initially receive. After only one lesson, I had much more clarity as to my next steps in my journey as a singer with healthy technique.

- Heather Mislang

I was drawn to work with JoAnne because I have done community theatre for years but have been wanting to level up. I had no idea how to create a performing resume, a repertoire book, or take headshots, and I was interested in learning more mechanics of the voice in order to improve my technique. JoAnne has taught me things about singing and the voice that I NEVER would have thought relate to singing (neck posture, tongue height, vowel modification, and jaw tension just to name a few)! One of my favorite parts about working with JoAnne is her unconditional support. I never realized how important this was to have in a voice coach, but she was SO helpful when I felt insecure or down on myself about my voice, and she made me comfortable enough to open up to her. JoAnne's teaching style is totally student-centered as she always asked me about my personal goals, and took the time to teach me about things I was interested in including reading music! I also love the unlimited Voxer chat access and am so thankful that she records our sessions so I can keep them forever to revisit and really absorb her wisdom. JoAnne has so much to offer!

- Joanne Donovan

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